Markdown Mate

Feature-rich markdown previewer.

There are already lots of markdown editors available, including Markdown Plus. But what if you want to be with your favorite editor: Vim, Emacs, TextMate, Sublime Text, Atom, Visual Studio Code...etc. Edit markdown with your favorite editor and preview HTML with Markdown Mate.

Markdown Mate is not going to replace your editor, instead, it wants to be your editor's mate. With Markdown Mate, you can continue to use your beloved editor. And Markdown Mate takes care of everything about markdown: realtime preview, export to PDF/PNG/HTML, printing...etc.





Please check the plugins list: Markdown Plus plugins.
How to install plugins? Just open the Preferences panel and copy paste the CDN url of a plugin to "Custom JS files" text area.
Please note that, most of the plugins are for Markdown Plus only while some of them also work for Markdown Mate.


Questions & Support

Please contact Customer Support.