Markdown Plus

Markdown editor with extra features.

Markdown Plus is probably the markdown editor with the MOST features. Besides CommonMark, GitHub flavored markdown, it also supports toc, superscript, footnote, task list, emoji, Font Awesome, Ionicons, mathematical formula, flowchart, sequence diagram, gantt diagram, Vim mode, Emacs mode and a lot more.

Markdown Plus is super useful if you want to write resumes, documentations, blog entries...etc. It is also very handy if you want to do planning by creating flowcharts, sequence diagrams and gantt diagrams.

For OS X:

For Windows:

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Download free trial version.




Please check the plugins list: Markdown Plus plugins.
How to install plugins? Just open the Preferences panel and copy paste the CDN url of a plugin to "Custom JS files" text area.


Questions & Support

Please contact Customer Support.